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August 2018

The Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Regulatory Recommendations for States and Nations guidelines produced by the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation in collaboration with the National Cannabis Industry Association clearly outlines in Recommendation 7 that "all ingestible infused products and concentrates that are intended to be cooked with, eaten, or otherwise swallowed and digested (i.e. Activated Concentrates) [must include proper] labeling of major food allergens." This...

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The Marketing Mix or the 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Place, Promotion, Price) have been utilized for many years in order to assist in understanding how a product or service find its unique place in the market.  It is also a critical framework that can be leveraged in order to create structure for a business plan for a product or service.   Throughout the years many have...

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Even though cannabis consumption is legal for recreational purposes in many states, as a society, we are still trying our best to keep it out of the hands of minors. In order to do this, it should be a top priority by all cannabis businesses to implement comprehensive regulations relating to marijuana packaging. More specifically, to package weed products in packaging that does not appeal...

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