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CRATIV’s goal is to monitor worldwide regulatory standards as they relate to child resistant packaging and labeling requirements for the cannabis industry.


We will strive to support our global customers with regulatory standards, regulatory developments, how to comply, and how to defend your manufacturing systems as if you were defending in front of the FDA. Our 50 years of medical device experience can be applied to many industries where regulatory compliance is required and developing.

Learn About Cannabis Packaging and Labeling By State

creative map key recreational marijuana packaging

The information contained on this page is intended to be a summary of the current legal and regulatory status of marijuana laws.  Such laws and regulations are continually changing and no representation is made as to the accuracy of this information.  Edibles Engineering LLC (DBA CRATIV Packaging) specifically disclaims and shall not and cannot be held accountable for the accuracy or completeness of the same.   Each person or entity accessing information on this page should make his/her/its own inquiry as to the current status of such laws as it relates to them.

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