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Over the past 3 years, CRATIV Packaging has created a space for itself in the Cannabis packaging space.  CRATIV has made a name for itself by designing and launching unique and interesting packaging that is certified child-resistant.   In November 2018 at the MJ Biz Conference in Las Vegas, CRATIV Packaging launched a new product called the CRATIV Slim. The “Slim” has the same width and length as...

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The Cannabis Packaging & Labeling Regulatory Recommendations for States & Nations guidelines produced by the council on Responsible Cannabis Regulations in collaboration with the National Cannabis Industry Association takes an extensive look at regulatory recommendations regarding marijuana product packaging, including those surrounding child resistant packaging practices. Created by a committee that displays a passionate and strong interest in the well-being of our country, all recommendations...

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Think about a product that you have recently purchased and the package that it came in. Was the packaging complex and interesting, or was the packaging simple and straight forward? How did the packaging draw you into purchasing the product? Packaging is a critical component of a successful product because it showcases the brand and therefore sets the tone of a product in the marketplace....

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