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Cannabis Packaging Services

CRATIV Packaging Support Services

Cannabis packaging can be tricky, and CRATIV supports our customers’ mission to drive top line growth while also improving the bottom line through compliance and cost savings project support. Packaging in the marijuana industry is not just about branding; it includes a host of warning labels and compliance issues as well. Don’t dive in alone, let our team of cannabis packaging professionals help you develop a top of the line compliant, branded package for your top of of the line product.


Labeling Solutions

CRATIV Packaging partners with a select set of premium label manufacturers and label applicator vendors in order to meet your labeling needs.  Furthermore, we have an experienced team who can assist you creating a labeling strategy that streamlines your production process.

Engineering Design

Our highly skilled design engineers have created custom designed packaging solutions for your products, taking inputs for required as well as desirable features and iterate through 3D Print Prototyping to support product development specific to industry needs.


What are your pain points in packaging for the different products you manufacture? CRATIV can help.


Engineering Support

CRATIV Packaging provides support from a true engineering team. We are degreed Mechanical Engineers with years of experience in packaging design and compliance, and are passionate about supporting the cannabis industry with innovative packaging.

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