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Welcome to CRATIV

Welcome to CRATIV

Welcome to CRATIV. We’re glad you found us. Our business philosophy is derived directly from our Mission Statement: Integrity, Collaboration, and Compassion.

  • Integrity – CRATIV will design products that are safe, effective, child-resistant, and consumer friendly. We will develop and drive quality of products that adhere to medical device standards. Accountability will be driven through products, systems, and procedures that will support our customers with audit compliance.
  • Collaboration – CRATIV will collaborate with State, Federal, and Worldwide regulators, advocacy organizations, patients, and consumers. Through this collaboration, CRATIV will support the growth and maturation of the cannabis industry.
  • Compassion – CRATIV will help people. It is so rewarding to manufacture medical devices and products that have a direct impact on the lives of patients and people. Compassion is powerful when patient’s and children’s lives can be impacted.

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with you, help your business grow, and stay compliant in a regulated industry.

Very Sincerely,

Bill Ludlow President, CEO

CRATIV Engineered Packaging

Bill Ludlow
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