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Present Your Products WITH CRATIV


  • Made in the USA
    • Paper: recyclable and biodegradable.
    • Hemp: Made from high-quality hemp with an established supply chain infrastructure in place.  The paper is made from a combination of 100% PCW paper and Hemp.
    • Foam: Designed based on industry-standard vape cartridges. Our team of engineers are available to design custom-sized foam inserts when needed.
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We have a stocked portfolio warehoused in Denver for quick turnaround time. We also have custom engineered inserts available.


Paper Inserts

Our pre-roll paper inserts are the perfect environmentally friendly insert to securely separate your pre-rolls in CRATIV packaging. Make it easy for your customers to quickly grab a joint!

Specs Inserts Paper

Tray Inserts

Our pre-roll trays are made from post-consumer recycled materials. Our trays are designed to securely hold standard industry sized pre-rolls, edibles, and custom products in place.

Inserts Post Consumer

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts are a great way to secure your cartridge and/or vape pen in CRATIV Packaging. Our unique packaging also allows your brand to stand out from the competition.

Specs Inserts Foam Copy


post consumer
recycled pre-roll tray
IN14300 Clear 0-90,000 1,050
pre-roll insert
IN14400 Pre Roll Color 0-150,000 525
hemp paper
pre-roll insert
IN14420 Brown 0-150,000 525
mini foam
vape insert
IN12210 B W 0-25,000 1,000
foam vape insert
IN14210 B W 0-25,000 1,050

Discounts available for orders above base volume!

Call us about custom inserts for edibles, vape pod systems, or other products that fit inside CRATIV. Custom inserts and colors are available at certain order quantities.