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Welcome to CRATIV! We look forward to doing business with you. The information below helps ensure smooth communication and operations. Most fields are required. If you are unsure, put your best estimate and make a note in the comments to clarify.

For new customers: Prior to placing your first order, you must register via the customer registration link. CRATIV requires all customers to have a valid EIN and a wholesale license. CRATIV staff will review your EIN and Wholesale license before allowing you to place your order. Please allow up to 48 hours (during normal business hours). Note: This is a one time process!

Existing customers: can place orders anytime (please allow time for processing). For larger orders or orders that include label printing and label application please call and speak to one of our Packaging Consultants!

Please call 720-651-9384.

Do not place an order for cases online and then call to place labels, label application. Your cases will be shipped directly to you without labels or label application!

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Thank you so much for your business! We will be in touch to finalize your first order! Sincerely, CRATIV Team
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