Why CRATIV Adds Value

We all know the Denver market is booming with business in the marijuana industry. From grow houses to retail distributors, you can see companies of all sorts popping up over the map. The line of business has mainly been distribution and consumption. But as of recently, there are a lot of complimentary innovative businesses developing. The marijuana boom has continued to be a positive economic statistic, increasing the number of jobs related to the marijuana industry.

According to the statisticians at the State of Colorado Government,, there are an estimated 485 thousand adult regular marijuana users who consume marijuana at least once per month. This represents 9.0 percent of the 2014 forecast population in Colorado of 5.363 million residents (all ages), and the number continues to grow as more state wide demographic numbers become available, and the popularity of marijuana increases.

With marijuana consumers, a percentage have children in the household where consumers keep their goods. Children and Marijuana don’t mix. As our community emerges out of 420-prohibition, we need to take care of how we safely handle, and store the products on the market, specifically when it comes to the packaging.

In the current market, the main types of packaging technology consumer marijuana is kept in is not practical when it comes to carrying your items around. With the CRATIV case, you can ensure that it fits in nicely in your pocket or purse!  The CRATIV case is ideal for personalization or branding, our case has the area to place your personal stickers and/or company branding, and product labeling.

Interested in a CRATIV case?  Contribute to our kickstarter campaign and enter into our art contest and design your own label for a CRATIV case.  


With CRATIV, your needs are met with a secure package ensured to keep children out of your items. There is nothing quite like us on the market — our product is two fold: child-resistant and intelligently designed. Our safe packaging keeps your marijuana products out of the hands of children, while securely saving the items in an easy to carry case.

Give us a try, and have some fun challenging your friends and family to get the case open!

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Bill Ludlow
Bill Ludlow
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