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CRATIV is excited to announce that the three cannabis packaging products you have come to know as the OG, Slim, and Mini will soon be manufactured using a new food-grade, FDA-approved biodegradability enhancing additive!

The additive helps naturally present enzymes in landfill environments to infiltrate the material’s molecular structure used in our cases to break them down quickly. In other words, unlike another plastic packaging, Crativ’s marijuana packaging will truly decompose in a landfill. 

An important difference compared to other industry solutions is that CRATIV’s cutting-edge additive does not depend on sunlight or oxygen to degrade and thus is more reliable. 

Why is CRATIV Accelerator Marijuana Packaging Better for the Environment?

What makes CRATIV Accelerator different from all of the other supposed “biodegradable plastics” on the market? Other allegedly biodegradable plastics use an oxo-degradable/oxo-biodegradable additive that turns them into microplastics – which are harmful to the environment.  Oxo-degradable or oxo-biodegradable additives (the terms are interchangeable) depend on UV light to break down the molecular chains in plastics. Plastics with this additive alone would disintegrate on a shelf. Therefore, they need to have a UV blocker additive added to them. (Think of it like sunblock, but for cannabis packaging.) When the UV blocker eventually wears off in the sunlight, degradation begins and continues only so long as UV exposure is maintained. If one of those plastics is buried in a landfill, the degradation process slows dramatically. And when it does degrade, it turns into harmful microplastics.

CRATIV is pursuing industry-recognized ASTM D5511 landfill environment testing. In about a year after participating in the ASTM D5511 testing, CRATIV will be able to report our biodegradation performance! 

CRATIV is committed to our environment and sustainable cannabis packaging.  Our team of engineers and product developers are working hard to create sustainable packaging that is also child-resistant!  

In the next 6 months, be on the lookout to learn more about CRATIV Earth!

Bill Ludlow
Bill Ludlow
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