CRATIV Pre-Labeled Marijuana Packaging and Custom Inserts Highlight Your Brand’s Greatest Features

CRATIV Pre-roll Inserts

At CRATIV, our child-resistant cases are meant to highlight your brand’s greatest features. They also reduce the overall environmental impact we have as an industry because our marijuana packaging uses recyclable, accelerated degradation materials. 

Build brand awareness and brand identity with our hard-shell design. It protects edibles and pre-rolls from damage, ensuring your customer’s high times are not compromised. And it now allows effective branding both inside and outside. 

Our large, flat surfaces allow your message to be delivered in a clear and bold manner, giving you the space you need for impactful branding! Improve your productivity by allowing CRATIV to print and/or apply your labels.  We offer high-quality labels at a very reasonable price!  Check out our labels.

And don’t stress about compliance!  CRATIV cases are certified compliant – our child-resistant packaging meets with all regulations in locations where CR packaging is required.  By partnering with CRATIV Packaging, you can be confident that your brand and products will be kept out of the hands of children! 

Choose cannabis packaging and inserts that showcase the best parts of your brand – your products!

  • Our inserts are designed specifically for CRATIV cases.
  • Inserts can hold pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and more items.
  • Choose from paper, hemp, foam, or post-consumer recycled pre-roll trays.

Our paper inserts can be Customized – color, number of flutes (the spacers between pre-rolls in pre-roll packaging), the height of flutes,  etc.  Want to get more value in your pre-roll pack? Try our new 5 flute insert that is made with taller flutes, allowing you to pack 10 pre-rolls in one container with one insert! 
Our post-consumer recycled pre-roll trays snap into the CRATIV Slim. The pre-rolls are securely seated in the packaging so they can’t fall out or be damaged.  Gently push down on the end of the pre-roll filter, and your pre-roll will pop out!  

We are running a 20% off promotion on stocked paper inserts while supplies last. Contact us today to order your CRATIV Cases and inserts.  The following inserts are currently 20% off:

IN12400-B-B3 mini black 3 Flute
IN12400-W-W3 mini white 3 Flute
IN14400-B-B5 slim black 5 flute
IN14400-B-EMERALD5 slim b-e 5 flute
IN14400-W-EMERALD5 slim w-e 5 flute
IN14400-W-W5 slim white 5 flute
IN14420-N-N5 slim hemp 5 flute

Bill Ludlow
Bill Ludlow
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