Power to the Pre-Roll! CRATIV Pre-Roll Packaging

We know that pre-rolls are a favorite amongst cannaseurs, and we have the perfect packaging solution for your joints. Our CRATIV cases and Pre-Roll Inserts are sustainable, child-resistant packaging that provide the perfect solution for housing your joints.

Pre-Roll Packaging Challenges

While pre-rolls seem at first like a convenient option for cannabis users to take on-the-go, customers face certain challenges when moving from place to place. Pre-rolled joints are a more delicate cannabis product to carry, and can be damaged or broken as they shake around a customer’s pocket, container, backpack, or purse. But with CRATIV’s hardshell cases and Pre-Roll Inserts, your customers no longer face the risk of your joints becoming bent out of shape and unsmokable.

CRATIV Pre-roll Packaging: Brand Friendly and Child-Resistant

Now there’s a solution that keeps your pre-rolls protected while complying with child resistant packaging requirements! Our Pre-Roll Inserts keep up to 5 of your pre-rolls organized and safe in either the CRATIV Slim or the CRATIV OG, and both cases are certified child-resistant. 

Whether your customer is going out to party with friends, planning a hike, or just commuting from place to place, CRATIV’s pre-roll inserts will keep your cannabis products safe and secure. Plus, once they’ve finished your pre-rolls, the cases double as the perfect solution for storing other items, making sure they can be used again and again while reminding your customer of your brand.

Protect your pre-rolls from unnecessary damage, and keep them from falling into the wrong hands with CRATIV’s sustainable and child-resistant pre-roll packaging. Interested in our packaging solutions?

Request a free sample today! Contact sales and marketing directly for your sample by emailing or by calling us at 720.651.9384.

Ashley Lecount
Ashley Lecount
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