An Enlightening Trip to MJBizCon New Orleans

CRATIV Packaging Team at the MJBiz Conference in New OrleansWe recently went on down to New Orleans, LA, for a few days amongst the cannabis industry’s most influential thinkers and innovators, and it was a pleasure to learn and connect with like-minded cannaseurs while sharing the progress we’ve made in our niche of the market. We greatly appreciate everyone that visited our booth to learn about how we’re revolutionizing cannabis packaging. From unique and customizable branding opportunities, to a child-safe design, we’ll ensure your products arrive safely and with style. 


Bill Ludlow, of CRATIV PackagingOur booth featured the newly released CRATIV Slim, as well as our CRATIV Pre-Rolled Inserts amongst our line-up of packaging solutions. The CRATIV Slim is designed for lower profile products, including pre-rolled joints, concentrates, vape kits, and it doubles as a reusable container once you’re done, perfect for storing mints, lip balm, hair ties, headphones, and more. Plus, our Pre-Rolled Inserts will ensure you never go to light another joint that’s bent out of shape. MJBizCon New Orleans was an experience filled with many opportunities for growth and insight, and we can’t wait to say what the future holds in store. 


At CRATIV Engineered Packaging®, we aim to support those who are growing within the cannabis industry by helping them realize their vision with packaging solutions that are stylish and unique to their identities, while remaining conscious of the consumer’s needs with safe, sustainable, and reusable materials. If you’re interested in exploring our packaging solutions, contact sales and marketing directly at or call 720.651.9384.

Bill Ludlow
Bill Ludlow
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