Cannabis Industry Highlights: July

The Cannabis Industry is constantly evolving and making advancements in society, and with so many developments surfacing, staying up to date can be hard. Here are some of the highlights from July to keep you aware of the progress cannabis has made.


Caliva and Jay-Z Announce a Partnership

Cannabis company, Caliva, recently announced its decision to name Jay-Z as their Chief Brand Strategist. With shared values, the California-based company and Jay-Z both support a motive to hire formerly incarcerated people by promoting an environment of equality and opportunity in the industry. Through spreading awareness and providing education on cannabis, they hope to empower consumers to use cannabis in a way that most benefits them.


Lawmakers in Ohio’s House of Representatives Approve Senate Bill 57

Lawmakers in Ohio’s House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to approve Senate Bill 57, paving the way to legalize hemp agriculture and CBD products in the state. At this point, that leaves Republican Gov. Mike DeWine with the decision of approval, after which, the bill will immediately take effect, providing farmers with a new way to grow their business.


Michigan’s New Social Equity Program

State policymakers have long faced the challenge of making repairs to those affected by incarceration due to an era of prohibition against cannabis. However, this month, the state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency released details for a social equity program that will support cannabis entrepreneurs in 19 communities, giving them a chance to work in an industry that they might not have had before. 


For qualifying applicants, Michigan has pledged to provide a 60% discount towards application and licensing fees. Individuals in the program will also gain access to educational resources relevant to the cannabis industry, as well as support from governmental agencies that regulate taxes, environmental laws, business registration, health and human services, and occupational safety.


The Future Is Green

Our team at CRATIV® are proud to serve as champions for the cannabis industry and be a part of the ever-evolving landscape that it is. With environmentally conscious, child-safe packaging solutions that boast a sleek, low-profile, CRATIV® is at the forefront of cannabis packaging and branding. If you’re looking for packaging solutions, we’ll ensure your business stays compliant without sacrificing the design or appeal of the personality behind your vision.


If you’re interested in exploring our packaging solutions, contact sales and marketing directly at or call 720.651.9384.

Bill Ludlow
Bill Ludlow
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