Staying Compliant with Child-Resistant Packaging Regulations in California

California’s child-resistant packaging requirements are a new introduction in compliance for many businesses, and an important step in keeping kids safe. If you’re operating a cannabis business in California and have yet to make the switch to child-resistant packaging, you’ll have to get on board fast. Until December 31, 2019, child-resistant exit packages at the point of sale are allowed to be used in order to fulfill CRP requirements. Beginning January 1st, 2020, every individual product must be contained within a child-resistant package before being distributed to the point of sale.

Different packaging requirements exist depending on the type of cannabis product being sold.  Moving forward, regulations for CR Packaging in California will include:

    1. Packaging in accordance with the federal Poison Prevention Packaging Act (Meets 16 CFR 1700.20 testing guidelines)
    2. Liquids contained in a bottle sealed with a pry-off metal crown cap
    3. Plastic packaging that’s at least 4 millimeters thick, heat-sealed, and not possessing a tab that’s easily opened

At CRATIV®, we offer packaging solutions that ensure you stay compliant with federal regulations. With custom branding opportunities and plenty of display room, our eco-friendly, child-safe packaging brings your brand’s vision to life with a sleek, low profile design.

If you’re interested in exploring our packaging solutions, contact sales and marketing directly at or call 720.651.9384.

Bill Ludlow
Bill Ludlow
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