Happy 4/20

A message from our Sales Director:

Today is 4/20/20

I’ve been sitting at home so long, I’ve lost count of what day it is but I’m pretty sure we’re in the 6th week of our stay at home order here in Colorado.  This is the new normal – my 8 year old daughter loves wearing her face mask probably because Governor Polis wore a sweet Colorado state flag face mask on TV.  Our state has always been different..especially today.  

There’s no gathering at the capital, Snoop Dogg isn’t playing at Red Rocks and there’s been no sign of Tommy Chong in RiNo or Method Man in 5 Points.  By all accounts this should be a sad day for our Colorado cannabis community.  

But today I woke up to the pink and purple Colorado sunrise from the east side.  Although it’s not the 4/20 I’m used to, it’s still 4/20 and God is still smiling on Colorado –  In large part because cannabis is still shining on Colorado.  

Just like the food trucks make their deliveries, the cashiers scan your weekly grocery run and the convenience store workers collect money for your gas – our bud tenders wake up every day – put on their PPE jump in their cars and post up at their essential outpost.  Whether that’s LivWell, or Native Roots or Buddy Boy or Star Buds or Green Dragon they all have the same mission. Keep the doors open, keep serving our customers, community and great state. This isn’t about profits – this is about survival.  

We’ve been told we shouldn’t leave our houses.  We’ve been told our jobs are not essential and we’ve found out that our economy is living paycheck to paycheck just like we are. Today by all accounts should be a sad day in America.  

But today we smile.  We smile because cannabis is essential.  We smile because our cannabis community is supporting Colorado families with income, benefits and purpose and our great state with vital tax dollars that will no doubt prop us up in the great recession.  We smile because we can still get our medicine and shop recreationally. We smile in large part because we have faith in our great state and the power of cannabis not only to heal our bodies and minds but to help heal our communities, economy, state and nation.  

I have no doubt that the states with essential cannabis currently are employing more citizens, aiding their economy more and providing peace of mind and relief during this pandemic. During the darkest of times, once again cannabis is a guiding light in the storm. We have always known the power of cannabis to be that beacon of hope. This is why we started celebrating 4/20 in the first place.

So on this 4/20 we smile because it’s 4/20. A day we made as a community.  By us, for us. We smile regardless of the state of the world, we smile regardless of what people are saying on TV.  Our bubble is safe, our house of cards is a house of bricks. We are the pillars in our communities, societies and economies that we always believed we could be.     

Cannabis is part of the solution.  We are essential. Today is our day!  

We are the rose that grew from the concrete. We are the flower that keeps hope alive.  

Happy 4/20! 

Jim Gardner – CRATIV Packaging – Champion for Cannabis


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