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Even though cannabis consumption is legal for recreational purposes in many states, as a society, we are still trying our best to keep it out of the hands of minors. In order to do this, it should be a top priority by all cannabis businesses to implement comprehensive regulations relating to marijuana packaging. More specifically, to package weed products in packaging that does not appeal to minors. Recommendation 18 of the Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Regulatory Recommendations for States and Nations is aimed specifically at putting into effect regulations that outline how cannabis products can be packaged so that they do not appeal to minors.

If cannabis product packaging has a specific aspect or appeal that is directed toward minors, the packaging should be eliminated and new reusable & recyclable cannabis packaging should be used in its place so that it does not influence the use of children. The various aspects that could appeal to minors are large in number and directly relate to objects and images as well as cartoon figures.

What Do the Current Regulations Look Like?

Even though many states have adopted policies and guidelines outlining how marijuana packaging can look, there are not any strict forms of criteria in place to deter the packaging from appealing to minors. And it is because of this lack of clarity that regulators and licensees are having a difficult time prohibiting packaging that attracts the attention of minors and entices them to consume cannabis.

Much research has been conducted

studying how product packaging influences minors to take a special preference for certain products. For example, it has been proven that cartoon characters on product packaging influence children’s preferences regarding food. And it is because of this the CRCR staff believes wholeheartedly that cartoons should be prohibited in all forms on cannabis packaging.

Two cartoon characters at a bowling area

Knowing Where to Look for Help In Deciding What Appeals to Minors in Product Packaging

For businesses who are looking for examples of what does and does not appeal to minors in regards to cannabis packaging products, it can be very helpful to look at the current cannabis regulations guidelines provided by Oregon as well as the existing voluntary Code of Responsible Practices of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

The Takeaway

Not only should cannabis packaging be less appealing to minors in an attempt to keep young children from wanting to try marijuana, but from a safety standpoint, we want to keep it out of the hands of small children. According to the executive director and chief medical officer at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Dr. Larry Wolk, “by making marijuana labels less appealing to children, we hope to keep them from accidentally eating THC and suffering the consequences.”

Thanks to Recommendation 18 of the Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Regulatory Recommendations for States and Nations and existing attempts and regulations being enforced by states across the nation, we are on the right path to keeping cannabis out of the hands of minors and marijuana product packaging is becoming safer for adults as well.

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