Sustainability Strategy for Cannabis Packaging


Past Tense:  upcycled

Definition: Creative reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

–“The opportunity to upcycle trash, or turn it into new products, was vast”

–“CRATIV makes a cool storage container that can be upcycled to store lots of handy stuff”

There’s been a lot of “chatter” lately in the cannabis industry about the amount of waste being generated primarily due to packaging required by new regulations.  Such regulations are driving companies to use child-resistant packaging for marijuana packaging that is in many cases made of plastic.  Although recyclable, the plastic many times never makes it to a recycle bin.  

But Isn’t Paper Marijuana Packaging Recyclable?

Other child-resistant packaging is made of paper. This sounds recyclable, but there’s one caveat.  To be child-resistant the paper has to be tear-resistant. To make it tear resistant in most cases the marijuana packaging requires a layer of material in the paper that is NOT recyclable.  

Another strategy is to use child-resistant exit bags where the goal is for consumers to re-use the exit bags.  However, many times exit bags end up in the trash cans right outside of the dispensary and never get re-used.

Picture1Child-resistant exit bags thrown away outside of a dispensary in California

The Solution: Marijuana Packaging that is Recyclable and Upcyclable

CRATIV Packaging takes sustainability very seriously. All of our cannabis packaging products are made of plastic that can be recycled. But, more importantly our products can be upcycled or used for other neat things after primary use. “We have the only child-resistant package on the market that is a great fit to upcycle for many things”, says Bill Ludlow, Co-Founder & CEO of CRATIV. “People have told us they use them for spare change, headphones, jewelry, medications, makeup, other cannabis products, and more.”

Screen Shot 2018 10 30 At 10.31.50 AM

CRATIV Packaging upcycling examples – makeup, stash box, first aid kit, jewelry

In a recent High Times article titled “Big Cannabis is Creating Big Waste – And it Needs to Stop,” CRATIV was highlighted as a company helping to reduce waste and drive sustainability for packaging in the cannabis industry:

“It should be noted that cannabis businesses are demanding recyclable and reusable packaging options now more than ever. And ancillary cannabis product companies are looking to provide a solution to the problem. CRATIV, for instance, manufactures a pot storage box that’s child-proof, recyclable, and can also be repurposed. In fact, after the product inside the box is used, the nifty container can perfectly store 12 Starbursts, a deck of cards, or lighters.”


Bill Ludlow
Bill Ludlow
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