Marijuana Packaging Regulation: Liquid Unit Measurement

The Cannabis Packaging & Labeling Regulatory Recommendations for States & Nations produced by the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulations in collaboration with the National Cannabis Industry Association takes an extensive look at regulatory recommendations regarding marijuana product packaging, including those surrounding child resistant packaging practices. Created by a committee that displays a passionate and strong interest in the well-being of our country, all recommendations are outlined with detail regarding how to best use them. 

The recommendations were created by a multi-disciplinary stakeholder Committee that has a strong interest in cannabis packaging. Each recommendation made relating to marijuana packaging is neatly supported by a block of text that delves into the logical reasoning as to why the committee developed that recommendation. All recommendations were based on facts and information taken from surveys, federal legal research, and policy discussions. There is a strong use of model regulatory language used in the report, which is especially helpful for lawmakers and regulators working in legal cannabis states. The topics discussed in the report range from child proof marijuana packaging to reusable & recyclable cannabis packaging recommendations.

Liquid Cannabis Packaging Should Include a Way to Measure a Single-Unit Portion

Recommendation 16 of the Cannabis Packaging and Labeling/Regulatory Recommendations for States and Nations report focuses on liquid unit measurement. The report recommends a requirement that multi-unit liquid ingestible infused products intended for adult use should be dispensed to a consumer with a device or mechanism for measuring a single-unit portion of the product. 

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In the states of Colorado and Washington, when an adult purchases a liquid ingestible cannabis-infused product, the packaging of the product will come with a mechanism or device that is meant to be used as a tool for measuring a single unit of the product.

Why Is Liquid Measurement Important in Cannabis Packaging?

The single-unit marking of cannabis products is essential to their safe consumption. Much of the time, a single unit is referred to as a single serving. Just like all medications, a single-unit marking helps people clearly understand how many units of the liquid they should take according to the dosing instructions. This helps prevent accidental over-ingestion.

69% of the committee that created The Cannabis Packaging & Labeling: Regulatory Recommendations for States & Nations was in favor of single-unit marking on liquid cannabis products. The committee also supported the use of including a measuring mechanism within the liquid marijuana packaging itself. Part of the reason there was such huge support of the proper marking and measuring mechanism was because the committee shared concerns regarding accidental over-ingestion. They viewed it as their responsibility to prevent such over-ingestion as strongly as possible. 

The report goes on to emphasize that all states should adopt a similar standard requiring all cannabis distributors to require the use of single-unit marking and easy-to-use measuring mechanisms within their marijuana product packaging. There should be instructions included with the cannabis product that makes it easy to understand how to use the measuring mechanism to measure out a single unit of the liquid. Such measuring mechanisms can come in the form of droppers, measuring cups, etc.

The Takeaway: Liquid Measurement in Cannabis Packaging Prevents Overdose

As marijuana becomes legal in more states, we will eventually get to a point where the recreational and medical use of cannabis is widely accepted throughout the entire country. And while there are no known inherent risks of using marijuana, it is still a responsibility of the states to ensure citizens are provided with a safe way to consume cannabis. Making sure that cannabis products are labeled effectively can help mitigate instances of consumption confusion. More importantly, it can reduce the likelihood of accidental over-ingestion. If we start now to deploy extensive marijuana labeling and packaging standards, we can ensure the entire country enjoys a safe start to marijuana use throughout all states. It should be noted that the cannabis labeling and packaging recommendations outlined in the report are mere suggestions. It is up to the states and nations to review them and vote on how to enforce them.

Want to learn more about cannabis packaging regulations? Check out The Cannabis Packaging & Labeling: Regulatory Recommendations for States & Nations.

See the full report at this link:


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