CRATIV Packaging Launches the CRATIV Slim

Over the past 3 years, CRATIV Packaging has created a space for itself in the Cannabis packaging space.  CRATIV has made a name for itself by designing and launching unique and interesting packaging that is certified child-resistant.


In November 2018 at the MJ Biz Conference in Las Vegas, CRATIV Packaging launched a new product called the CRATIV Slim. The “Slim” has the same width and length as the CRATIV Original but is less tall, i.e. it has a slimmer profile. I took the liberty of interviewing one of the Co-Founders, Bill Ludlow about the advent and execution of the CRATIV Slim.  Here is what he said.


Q: Bill, what inspired the design of the Slim?

Over the past two years while we have been selling the CRATIV Original, many times we have been asked if we have a slimmer version of the original case. So, we started tossing around some ideas about how we could narrow or slim down the Original case. We then developed some prototypes to show to our trusted customer base.  During the next few months, we got a little sidetracked and started doing some market research for another product we have in the works we are calling the CRATIV Puck.  We showed the prototypes of the Slim while we were doing some market research for the Puck and we discovered that there was a real need for a slimmer version of the CRATIV Original in the marketplace sooner than later.  As a result, the CRATIV Slim was born.


Q: What product is the slim designed for?

The slim is reminiscent of a cigarette case from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.  Because of its shape, we initially designed the Slim for prerolls. But what we have discovered is that the Slim would be great for a vape kit (with a cartridge, battery and charger) as well as edibles that have a low profile.


Q: When the Slim be available for purchase?

February 2019


Q: What colors will the Slim come in?

Black and white.  We can create the Slim in other colors with a commitment of 75,000 units.


Q: Why do you continue to utilize plastic for your products as opposed to paper or other substances?

The properties of plastic allow us to engineer products with unique properties that are unique to plastic. Our designs are a series of beams and other shape features that could not be made child resistant with other materials.  That being said we are continuously exploring alternative materials such as hemp-infused plastics or plastics that degrade quickly for our next product offerings.


Q: Is the Slim recyclable?

Our products stand-alone – they are recyclable.


Q: Are there stock inserts available for the slim?

Prerolls, cartridges, vape pens and batteries all come in different shapes and sizes therefore it is difficult for us to carry a “stock” insert.  We work with (and can refer customers to) several suppliers that can create a foam or paperboard insert for the slim.


As Bill stated, the Slim will be available in February 2019.  CRATIV is currently taking pre-orders for the Slim.  For inquiries about the Slim or any other CRATIV product send an email to or call 720.651.9384.


Bill Ludlow
Bill Ludlow
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